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    by Eleanor Doughty in

    I explore the world with Google Street View and make screenprints of my drawings. Determine where I go next!

    • 65% funded
    • $2,964 pledged
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    by Ken Krekeler in

    A steampunk-mystery comic series, Westward follows the ongoing themes of individual achievement and the essence of human happiness.

    • 81% funded
    • $1,635 pledged
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    by Mark Dendy Dance and Theater Projects in

    80 dancers occupy Lincoln Center. We're bringing Downtown Uptown.

    • 104% funded
    • $8,367 pledged
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    by Velodroom in

    It switches on/off by itself, adjusts to surroundings and flashes a stop-light while braking. Forget buttons and enjoy your bike ride!

    • 47% funded
    • 16,520 pledged
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    by Mindy Nye in

    A local swimwear designer has created surf-inspired bikinis that hold up to waves and turn heads at the same time.

    • 143% funded
    • $11,470 pledged
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    by Friends of The Colonial in

    Digital Projection -- the wave of the future! Help the Colonial Theatre launch its new digital projection system.

    • 122% funded
    • $12,292 pledged
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    by Main Street Farms in

    Our urban farm is expanding to a new 1.5 acre city lot. Our goal is to grow delicious and nutritious food for our local community.

    • 43% funded
    • $4,326 pledged
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    by Eos-sama in

    The Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG is a progressive, warm-hearted diceless game for both adventure and slice-of-life play.

    • 224% funded
    • $56,093 pledged
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    by Chazz Bessette in

    In Austin, TX, Chazz Bessette of Silver Ships is poised at the crest of a hill made of dreams. Dreams of releasing a debut album.

    • 48% funded
    • $2,425 pledged
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    by Robert LeBlanc in

    This is a book that visually documents the the people and places traveled while skateboarding.

    • 33% funded
    • $991 pledged
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    by Rachel Law & McKenzie Wark in

    The art of digital living in the PRISM era. An illustrated limited edition Kickstarter-only book for art, tech & theory fans.

    • 107% funded
    • $3,751 pledged
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    by Dan Alich in

    Learn the fundamentals of electronics, programming and robotics with an Arduino microprocessor. This kit contains everything to build.

    • 166% funded
    • $32,397 pledged
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    by Box Step Productions in

    'Titanic' and 'Airplane!' collide in this joyful, fast-paced disaster parody play. Docking at Edinburgh Fringe 2013.

    • 101% funded
    • 5,072 pledged
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